there's been a lot of talk about xenogenders lately! so i wanted to put a carrd together that (hopefully) compiles info in a way people can understand! though do keep in mind you don't have to fully understand something to support it, that's going to be a BIG point in this carrd!

update: i'm gonna leave the url of this carrd the same so people can continue to access it but i made this a While ago and i only refer to these as xenogenders now because i think neurogenders refers to something slightly different. that's my bad.

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last update: 10/28/2020

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what are neurogenders/xenogenders?

(i'm gonna call them xenogenders throughout the carrd since that's what i refer to them as)

xenogenders are genders that exist outside the gender binary and more widely accepted or more ' conventional ' nonbinary identities, and are used by autistic or otherwise neurodivergent people to explain their gender in a way that they, personally, can relate to. commonly used examples are stargender, muttgender, bunnygender.

autistic people can have an extremely complicated relationship with gender / identity as a whole and may not feel connected to more ' conventional ' identities, and may feel more personally connected to concepts / objects / animals / etc.

isn't that just kinning?

no! though people with xenogenders may also be otherkin, these are specifically what our gender relates to! it's a bit hard to put it into words, so i apologize for not being able to do so at the moment. though, you don't have to understand it to support it!

is this related to MOGAI?

according to some people, yes. however, mogai is harmful because of its use of the split attraction model (as in like, bi lesbians for example. asexuals and such using the split attraction model is fine.) and fake sexualities/orientations that are in no way lgbt, when the whole point of mogai is basically being ' more inclusive ' than the lgbt acronym.

because of these things, i and many other people who identify with xenogenders do not want to be associated with mogai. those who still do should not immediately be attacked or anything like that, but it's important to recognize why mogai is inherently harmful, as well as associating xenogenders with it.

if you still want to associate with the mogai community despite this, it's important to clarify that you discount harmful ideals like the above.

do xenogenders have to be standalone?

nope! xenogenders can coexist with other gender identity labels. for example, i am pupgender, and also bigender! you can have a xenogender and still feel ties to conventional gender labels, especially since there are people who may not feel comfortable using their xenogender as their main gender descriptor, for fear of being made fun of or for any other reasons.

what pronouns do people with xenogenders use?

this depends on the person! some people may use neopronouns such as xe/xem, but there are plenty of people with xenogenders who use he/she/they as well. also, if you're wondering how to use someone's neopronouns, just ask them!

now onto some misconceptions!

"xenogenders make trans people into a joke!"

though there are absolutely cis people who make fun of xenogenders, this kind of ideology is fueled by internalized transphobia and the need to appeal to cis people.

trans people do not need to appeal to cis people to be valid. gender is a social construct, and the gender binary isn't even the same in some cultures. people with xenogenders are not hurting anyone, it's people who want to divide the trans community with truscum ideology. cis bootlickers, please work out your internalized transphobia instead of attacking those who are too ' unconventional ' for you.

"this dehumanizes other trans people."

no, it... really doesn't. how someone identifies themself has nothing to do with you. no one is forcing other trans people to identify as xenogenders or anything like that. it's literally just people using them to identify themselves.

"you can't just make up genders."

why not? gender is a social construct. someone's relationship with their gender is personal, it doesn't have to be understood or adopted by anyone else.

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